Why should I have my bathtub reglazed?

Replacing your bathtub involves not only the cost of the new tub, but the added expense of replacing wall and floor
tile, wall board, plumbing and hardware. Refinishing will transform your tub to a sparkling factory new finish with out
disturbing the surroundings.

Our costumers refinish their tubs because:

•        The original finish is worn off
•        Change the color
•        Fix chips & scratches
•        Fix cracks in fiberglass tubs
•        Their tub is hard to keep clean

Does the finish come with a warranty?
-Yes, 5 years.
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How long does the process take?

-Most bathtubs can be completed in less than 4 hours. The tub can be used in  24 after the work has been completed.

Can you refinish a tub that has been already refinished?

- Yes, a tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again. We will strip and clean the tub before we refinish it so the old
coatings are removed

Can I choose any color?
-Yes, we can match any color.

Will my refinished bathtub smell like it has been painted?

- We come equipped with full ventilation systems to expunge the fumes that do naturally occur with the use of solvents. Although you may
notice a slight odor after we are finished, this typically is gone in a few hours.

Do you repair cracks, chips, and scratches in my bathtub?

- We will fill in any chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process, making your damaged
porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass surface as good as new.

What other surfaces do you refinish?

- Besides bathtubs, We offer a wide variety of refinishing services for almost any surface in your bathroom or kitchen. Including tile, sinks,
counter tops, cabinets and vanities.