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Thank you for choosing Home Restoration Service for your reglazing projects. We take great pride in providing
perfection in every detail with professional, dependable service from start to finish.

To maintain the great look and durabilty of your reglazed surface, follow these simple guidelines:

Things to do!
Allow 24 hours for the finish to cure, at which point recaulking should be done if necessary.

Wipe your tub or shower dry after each use.

Always protect the reglazed surface when remodeling or doing any work around it.

Cleaning your new surface on a regular basis is recommended to ensure its high gloss and durability.
Avoid the following from coming into contact with your new surface:     
Hair dyes, liquid bandages, muriatic acid, food colorings, sharp objects, chemicals such as CLR, Lime-Away or anything else acidic or

Do not use a bath mat with suction cups under any circumstance. If a non-suction cup type mat is used it must be removed after every

Never use a (Draino) type of pipe cleaner with standing water in the fixture. It should be poured directly down the drain and splashing
should be rinsed immediately.
Warning: The use of these chemicals will cause a dull surface over a period of time and can leave easily recognizable chemical cracks.
Damages from the use of these chemicals will void your products warranty, so please try to stick to the guidelines above to ensure the
lasting quality and beauty of your investment.

Never Use the Following:
Abrasive scouring pad
Hard bristle brush
Scrubbing Bubbles (or any cleaner that comes as a aerosol)
Ammonia cleaners
Abrasives such as Comet, Ajax or Bar Keepers Friend.
Recommended Cleaners:

Any cleaner that is said to be safe to use on acrylic per the manufacturer.

Mr. Clean
Simple Green
Gel Gloss
Diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 4 parts water)
Dish washing Liquid Soap (such as Dawn, Joy or Ivory)
A dish washing liquid and vinegar solutions (1 quart water, 2 tablespoons liquid soap, 1 cup vinegar) is also recommended.

Here are a couple of cleaning solutions that can be easily made at home

Solution #1
- 1/2cup of Lysol or Mr. Clean
- 1 Tsp of dish soap
- 3 gallons of water.

- 2cups of vinegar
- 2Tsp of dish soap
- 2 quarts of water.
The key to maintaining the new finish on your reglazed surface is to treat it just like a new car finish. You don't use abrasive cleaners
when you wash your car. The soaps used to clean cars are very mild. Also, you probably clean that new car at least once every two

Treat your reglazed tub and shower unit the same way as you would a new car and it will be durable and continue to look great for